Posted by: Tina M | 16 December , 2009

There’s still time! Recipe for a thoughtful home-made gift

I gave my friend his present today, so I guess I can tell everyone the secret to this easy but thoughtful gift for someone you care about this holiday.

For a lot of my friends, I want to give them something useful, something beautiful, and something magical. Somehow that combination brought me to this sort of “affirmation alter.” The first piece is a framed mirror that I got from target (I wanted a thick border because I had plans for decorating it). For my friend, I know that he has a series of affirmation that he uses, and as he lists them off, the rhythm is both beautiful and reassuring. I also think that the meaning behind them is a wonderful reminder of how good we can be.

I asked him to write it down the other day when he was visiting, and so I typed up the words and picked appropriate fonts for the words (I love that typography can be such an effective design element!).  I cut them out and painted them- I didn’t want to just paste white paper on the mirror- and I chose to try watercolors. I’ve never used watercolors before and it took me a minute to get used to it. I think the only downfall was that the water made the ink bleed. I’m not sure if I’d change it if I could. . .  I also chose three colors to use and am not sure if it came out too “Rasta” but I was going for wild and free, and warm sun tones.

This is how it came out:

The second part arose from the recent recognition that sometimes looking at what we usually are is a reminder of times where we weren’t at our best. I really wanted to remind him that whether or not he can see it now, he has been these things, and he will be these things again. I think that it’s an important part of holding yourself accountable and still loving yourself. Honor that you are, you have been, you will be. . . that time is an essential part of healing, and true healing can only come out of love.  (Wow, I’m realizing this is sounding really woowoo but stick with me).

I made these candles- again, I tried to find a font that would be a suitable vibe so I stuck with something old english to remind him of Sweeny Todd and the new Sherlock Holmes (both have good vibes associated with them).  And I decoupaged them to some “religious candles” I think they’re called in Safeway. . .

Ok, there you have it. Cool stuff that people want. Mirrors and candles with a personal touch. If this is too mushy, make a twilight themed set. . . or Dexter. . . or whatevs! Your own custom alter.

Happy Holidays!

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