Posted by: Tina M | 20 December , 2009

Verizon Vs. AT&T rivalry has gone too far.

I’m going to be real, I’m starting to hate the fact that I use Verizon as my wireless carrier because of the gratuitous slander and bitchiness has gone to far for my taste. It’s reminiscent of the Apple Vs. PC cultural identity that marked the switch from representing your product well to talking shit about your competitor so you’re supposed to be thankful for having something a little bit better than the shitty one. . .

Let’s be real, Cell phone companies all operate similarly and they are inherently flawed to guarantee repeat customers. We all hear about cell phones that are built to break at a certain time (Probably by the 2 year contract renewal date) to force us to renew our contract. We get “discounts” on the products because we are agreeing to be on their side of this argument, supporting this bullying by spending our money there. I had a friend that needed to buy a new phone because his broke in half. He didn’t have insurance (let’s talk about insurance another time) and to buy even a shitty phone he would have to pay $150. He briefly considered getting an Iphone but I talked him out of it because it would jump the bill and his monthly service charge.

As for the coverage debate; It’s  hit or miss. I know people who have had issues with both providers. Living in the Bay Area you’re also semi-responsible for trying to be so naive that you could get a signal in the basement of the 150 year old Opera house, and on the sandy shores of Ocean Beach, that you get used to being flexible with your signal.

But this newest commercial just rubs me the wrong way.

SO Tacky!

First off, don’t use The Island of Misfit Toys to peddle your elitism. I feel like far too many people identify with being “slightly different” and rendered useless by mainstream culture. Not only that, but the plane at the end says something about “You’ll fit right in!” and then spins himself dizzy and falls down. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but this plays on too much ableism around Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Again, the argument plays out, they stole a cultural icon to do the dirty work, and then they made fun of the characters that we sympathize with.

That just seems like bad marketing to me.

I really wish they would be more accountable to their own services and merchandise. To be real, there are always going to be issues because it involves a web of businesses all working to get your $. We all know that we engage with capitalism in our own ways and whether you go to Verizon or AT&T if you’re a consumer who will call, complain, argue until you get what you want; you’ll get great service no matter where you go. If you’re in a tight budget, you’ll be asked to spend beyond your means @ both places. I think that both companies do have different benefits. AT&T’s connection with Apple with the Iphone was probably the luckiest business move in the past decade. But Verizon has a pretty good business going for itself because of the “network” that it offers.
Honestly, I’m thinking about looking into Credo- to spend my money in a socially conscious way. Of course, I’m a lazy consumer so we’ll see if that happens or if I add it to the 2010 list of things to do.

In the meantime, I’ll be scowling as this commercial gets overplayed through the Christmas season.

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