Posted by: Tina M | 3 January , 2010

Adventures in your own back yard.

Today was sunny and I happened to be out and decided to try and get some peace near the water. It’s mostly the reason I fell in love with the Bay anyway, and life has a way of getting so busy that I never make time to do the things I enjoy.

So, of course I have the spots that I regularly visit, The Berkeley Pier, The little strip between the pier and Emeryville, Ocean Beach when I have the energy. . . but today I went a different way to investigate those spaces that I haven’t yet had a reason to visit.

I always fall in love with distant views of the City because I think it’s always so IN YOUR FACE that you can’t really appreciate the complexity of it unless you’re way outside of it. This was an angle that I hadn’t seen before.

The shaded lane that leads to a quiet picnic area in Emeryville.

Even Emeryville looks tropical on a good day.

The quiet beauty of distant chaos

And even though my heart has some heavy burdens, it was a healthy moment of fresh air, the sun warm on my skin which still fills my heart with peace and stillness. So January 3, 2010 if you find the weather unseasonably warm, take a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


  1. Big, big hugs, chica!

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