Posted by: Tina M | 4 January , 2010

Project of the day: Personalized Lighters

Ok, so this is a quick craft project for those of us who have need of lighters. Whether it’s because you smoke or you just want to be the cool kid to light everyone else’s, you won’t have a lighter long if it’s as nondescript as the average Bic.  I once had a friend who clipped pictures of celebs out of magazines and personalized his lighters and I thought I would adopt this practice as a way to make my lighters more interesting and harder to walk away with 😉

First, figure out what size pictures you would need. The normal Bic can be covered with a 3″ wide x 2.5″ high picture. I found 6 images that I liked and printed them on the computer. Cut them out, Wrap tightly around the lighter and tape over the entire paper sleeve. This way, the picture will be protected and stay in place. I use regular clear scotch tape for the project.

Quick, easy, and a cute accessory!


  1. amazing! i wanna do that! but first i need to buy a lighter…

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