Posted by: Tina M | 4 February , 2010

The 25 goals for my 25th year.

I had a dear friend growing up that often told me insanity was doing the same thing and expecting a different response.  In my experience this has proven true-  I’m going crazy because I feel like I keep peddling but I’m getting no where. I keep trying new things (or tell myself that I am) and it’s still the same old outcome.

For my 25th year, I spent a lot of time reflecting on what I’ve accomplished so far and how I’m doing currently. I really need to pick up the pace. Something has to work, right?

So here comes the 25 goals of my 25th year.  Maybe if I set some silly challenge to myself I really might get my shit together.

1. Get Married (@ an awesome wedding)

2. Work on my book (a compilation of diary entries from my years at Antioch)

3. Write the children’s book that my partner and I have been talking about for years.

4. Reduce my debt by $1000

5. Go somewhere new

6. Be honest with friends and family

7. Work on forgiveness

8. Paint 5 paintings

9. Get published

10. quit my job

11. Go back to school

12. Make new friends

13. Stay in touch with family

14. Exercise out of self love

15. Do something revolutionary

16. Organize a silly protest

17. Do something that involves a boat

18. Blog about my adventures

19. Wear more lingerie

20. Get in touch with family that I’ve lost touch with.

21. Take more walks

22. Go to the beach @ least once a month

23. Volunteer

24. Make another digital story

25. Have a bomb ass birthday party for my 26th!

I wanted to put it out in the universe so maybe the pressure will be enough to keep me on track. I figure it’s a good incentive to blog and to have faith in the universe that something magical really does exist just beyond the horizon.


  1. you are more ambitious than i — i only try and make as many goals as the current year (e.g. this year it’s 10 of them, thankfully not 2010 of them). “wear more lingerie” is a great one, as well as writing some books, as you’ve got a great voice. when you say quit your job — are you still talking about the non profit that was your dream job at one point in time? lots of love, d!

  2. hey friend! let me know if i can support you in working on any of these goals! i miss our oakland walks from back in the day and would love to talk walks again with you, or accompany u to the beach, help u organize something — or anything else from your list.


    ps that fish is the shit!!

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