Posted by: Tina M | 22 February , 2010

An appeal to George Michael, Come to our Wedding!

Dear George Michael,

I’ll skip the part of the letter where I try to convince you that unlike the rest of your fans, I REALLY would be your best friend in real life, or that I’m not a crazy stalker (I’m really not, References can be submitted at your request) and get to the point.

Your music played a very integral role in the development of my relationship with my partner and we want to invite you to the wedding. We’re two genderqueer bear cubs that met and lived out our love to your music. Too Funky for me was included on a CD that Andy made for me when I went away on a study abroad and I pined for him to your voice. (I also stayed alert when I was in the UK to maybe run into you on the streets or in a dark alley;) When we had slumber parties as friends we’d put in a DVD of your music and sing along and cuddle with our mutual crush on you. Father Figure has become the song of reconciliation and reassurance. And, the most amazing evening we’ve shared was when we attended your concert in San Jose, I never knew such magic could be born of music. The experience was indescribable; I saw parts of my soul I didn’t know existed.

We wanted to invite you because 1. We believe that your gifts to the world aren’t limited to your musical talent, but your presence as an individual in this world. 2. I honestly think you would have an amazing time, and we’d only ask you to sing once for us (You might be forced to listen to other people’s bad karaoke of your songs, but that’s part of the charm).

If you are in the Bay Area and find yourself free this September 18th, please think of us and stop by. We’ll have a diverse group of Bay Area folks and Ohio queers, Silliness, and Romance.

In eternal appreciation for your presence in this world,

Tina Louise Mahle

How could you say no to these faces?

P.S. I don’t want to put undue pressure on you, but if I convinced you to attend it would be the best wedding present in the history of the world. There’s no way Andy could beat that!

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