Posted by: Tina M | 12 August , 2010

Meditation Matters Part 2: BART Bullies

I’m juggling a long list of priorities right now with the upcoming wedding, current job search, and the rest of life’s little surprises- today’s task was to spend some energy thinking about what I want our performance at our Wedding Fundraiser to be. . . we’ve been talking about it for a while, but I haven’t had any great epiphanies.

So I’m on BART, a crowded train in the middle of the car (which I always assume is going to have less traffic but is rarely proven true) with Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract blasting. I’m really feeling it, there in my head, I’m on stage with my sweet, dancing together and having fun, the proper mix of sexy, funny, and entertaining.

I suddenly hear someone and turn to find a very grumpy face very near my own. I could see the disbelief and anger on her face, I couldn’t make out the words her mouth spat out but I felt the impact of the emotion behind them. I was IN THE WAY, and she wanted me to know it.  I apologized and moved to the side and she shoved past. Shooting a mean look over her shoulder as she walked to the end of the seats and stood, disappointed that there weren’t any empty seats over there either-

When I have intense encounters with strangers it always affects me deeply. It seems counterintuitive since it’s most likely an issue with that person, since they don’t know me well enough to have beef with me, but for some reason I feel like these are signs of my true appearance in the world. A nuisance.

Tears were on the edge of my eyes. And I remembered METTA, loving kindess from meditation.

So I took a deep breath and repeated

:::may I be at peace::::

:::may I be at ease::::

::::may I have compassion for myself and others::::

::::may I live in love::::

By the time I got to Montgomery station and stepped of the train, I was silently sending love and peace to her.

Here’s to a good day 🙂


  1. I am sooo happy for you- u have discovered a “key” to a healthier mental lifestyle. This will help u out more than u can imagine. I must look more closely @ this.

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