Posted by: Tina M | 25 September , 2010

Everyone Loves Mondo part 2

So, thanks to my cheeky hubby, I have had the honor to share with the fabulous Mondo Guerra the hat design previously mentioned in Everyone Loves Mondo .

My partner, who I designed the hat for, was so proud of the design that he found Mondo on Facebook and sent him a link. I’m much more shy, still midwestern in my beliefs that there is an invisible wall between people that have been on TV and everyday folks like myself. . . lol. But Mondo got back and was excited about the hats, posting a link on his facebook. Conversation was started and a question came up about making money off of Mondo.

To be honest, I’m one of those techies that don’t read the fine-print and didn’t really grasp what designing for Zazzle entailed, but if any of the designs are sold I will get a percent profit (I believe 10%- which if you want to school me on Zazzle, please do!). I never intended on making money off a fellow artist, and thought that if any of the hats sell, all of the proceeds are going to go to Colorado AIDS Project and Rainbow Alley, two organizations that Mondo supports.

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to network nationally with other awesome queers and hope that I can support these two organizations. Buy some hats now!!

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