Posted by: Tina M | 27 October , 2010

#21 Take more walks: The Golden Gate Bridge

As one of my goals for the year was to “take more walks” (#21) I was excited when an unusual opportunity for a walk came up. My friend was talking about walking the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for the last 5 years and I’ve never had an excuse to make the trek. . . until now.

We went on a Saturday morning and the gray clouds got colder as we approached the water. It was crowded. . . but thinned out once we got past the main entrance. It was surreal, to be on such an iconic erection (ha ha pun intended). It’s amazing to see the power of man, building this crazy floating bridge in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It was amazing to float so high above the water, seemingly swaying in the wind.

I have been on the bridge many times since I’ve been here, but it’s a different feeling to be standing next to the steel cables that hold the bridge together, to wrap your hand around them and realize how fragile it all is. . .

And then, it’s hard to avoid the stories that haunt the bridge. All those folks that have made the jump in one of the most iconic forms of suicide west of the Mississippi.  I was happy to see signs that counseling was available and yellow call boxes for immediate help. While I have a hard time imagining someone that walked out on that bridge with the end in mind would huddle near the yellow phone and shout their problems into the intercom, but I do appreciate that it’s there if someone does want help.

The walk was comfortably long. . . an investment in the activity since once you got across the bridge you have to turn right around and walk all the way back. It was nice to take a walk with my friend that was long enough to have conversation, lapses into silence, daydreaming, people watching, and exercise.

So thanks to my dearest CQ,

Thanks to the Universe.

More walks, more EXCITING walks . . .



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