Posted by: Tina M | 17 January , 2011

A commitment to Enjoy the Bay Area

Recently returned from Ohio, I’ve re – (for surely this isn’t the first time that I’ve caught myself taking my location for granted) committed to enjoying the Bay Area.

For one thing, the weather is a significant difference, from the midwest. It’s such a blessing to not have to deal with snow on the daily.


So yesterday I took a walk with a friend around West Oakland. Today, I stopped at the pier to breathe in the energy of the water and relax in the glow of sunset.

It was hard to be home and recognize how much of my families lives I’m missing because I chose a life across the country from them. They are and always have been my best friends, unfortunately, similar to other best friends throughout my life, when I had to go on a few journeys of my own, I grew apart in significant ways from them. One of those ways is in my ability and desire to communicate or  “process” about everything. I always want to talk to them about life and find out ways to support them to find joy in their lives, but it’s not that easy. They are more the type to absorb your energy through osmosis, by investing time with each other. Time is the one thing I don’t have a lot of.

And while I miss them, I know that my heart is in the Bay. I haven’t seen enough to be satisfied returning to the wasteland of Ohio. I feel like my growth would be stumped instead of reaching my full potential before returning home (there just aren’t as many opportunities out there).

So again, I plan on taking advantage of my location. Stopping to smell the flowers, feel the sand beneath my toes, and taking care of myself on the daily.

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