Posted by: Tina M | 28 June , 2011

Rainy Moods and Beautiful scenery


Everything has had sad overtones these days- even my happiness. I know how silly it sounds but for someone that’s experienced depression you can understand. The haze. But things have been beautiful. I’m growing and learning and I’ve found myself surrounded with good people and beautiful scenery.

So I decided to post a series of pictures. I recommend that for a full effect experience of my emotions you play in the background The Funeral, by Band of Horses while you look at the photos.










I could definitely speak to the symbolism in all of these photos for me, but I kinda think it’s self-evident. Make your interpretations, I’m sure I’ve felt the entire spectrum of guesses within the past week.


Thank God for such beauty. No one ever said it would be easy- so something has to make it worthwhile. The love and the beauty.

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