Posted by: Tina M | 18 July , 2011

Slipper Genie grants my Wish!

Today’s accidental adventure arose when I was at Walmart trying to blow off some shop-therapy steam without burning a hole in my pocket. You know when you see something and instantly know that you need them? It’s like the theory behind advertising for children. Love at first sight that is deep enough to sustain the purchasing process-

And you know when you see the random things hanging mid-aisle that have seemingly nothing to do with the surrounding items- and their uncanny ability to remind you that you needed an item you previously didn’t know exist?

Well both happened in this one glorious consumer moment- When I laid my eyes on the

Clean while you walk?! It’s like some fantasy from 80’s movies like Pippi Longstocking where they strap brushes to their feet and proceed to skate around the house until it’s sparkling clean. But these weren’t just a fantasy, here they were and from the looks of the display it could be mine for just under $6- How could you beat that?

So I promised myself that if nothing else, I would write about the experience of indulging in such a silly investment.

The first thing I had to admit was that as nerdy as it was, I found them to be quite stylish-

There’s something about the sea anemone look that reminds me of Muppets and wildlife all at the same time- both strong inspirations in my wardrobe.

But they literally do “clean while I walk”

I’ll be real, it’s not miraculous- it’ll just drag stuff around unless you shake them out immediately, but it’s surprisingly satisfying to stomp on dust bunnies and hairballs that dance across the floor like tumbleweeds. I usually have to play the game of dodging them to ensure they don’t get stuck to my shoelaces or other parts of my clothing. It feels falsely proactive and strangely triumphant to conquer them one by one as I make my way through the house.

Then, while I was in the midst of my mini-photo-shoot, I thought to myself, why stop there?

It’s not like the floor is the only thing that needs cleaned- so I tried it on different surfaces to see how versatile they were.

For reals- After dancing around the house, laughing my ass off, and noticing the sparkle of my wood floors- this might be the best $6 I’ve spent in a long time.

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