Posted by: Tina M | 29 July , 2011

Let’s get positive

Dear Lifetime,

As I was watching the newer version of “Stage Moms”- Dance Moms, I had a revelation.

Why not do something that’s asset based? While I’m enjoying the inherent horror show quality of seeing children and adults interacting in such disrespectful ways for the ultimate goal of winning- I see in my daily life fantastically positive realities of youth development and community building that is truly beautiful. And I wondered to myself why this show wasn’t on already. We’ve seen glimpses in movies that offer quick sound-bites and powerful moments but no real roadmap on how to recreate that in our own lives. We may be inspired but by an individual or a miracle circumstance, we never feel personally called to action. And perhaps that’s why this show doesn’t exist yet. Maybe if we see how everyday individuals are making connections, building young peoples resilience through support and safety so that they can truly thrive? What if as we sat complacent in our homes we realized how simple it really was to be kind to someone, accept them for who they are, and truly collaborate to accomplish something magic.

We don’t have to be Oprah to give people an opportunity to tell their story and grow-

I just know that meanness may be common, but so is kindness and love- Let’s inspire some.

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