Posted by: Tina M | 19 August , 2011

“Class Warfare” Segment on Daily Show: Tragic Montage of Class Oppression

I have to mention and suggest that you watch the August 18th episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for it’s fantastic discussion of the “Class Warfare. He always amazes me at his tongue in cheek commentary that helps to expose the obvious contradictions and controversy that often goes unquestioned.

The discussion of the “modern conveniences” that the “poor” may have was chilling. The fact that these people have dehumanized working class folks by buying in to the american dream theory of bootstraps and equal opportunities reinforcing the myth of the lazy and selfish welfare mooch.

Well done Jon Stewart- thanks for helping to frame the discussion for those of us that don’t stream 10 news channels simultaneously (or don’t pick up a paper at all).

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