Posted by: Tina M | 26 September , 2011

A Day with Dee

The other evening I was in the mood to write and I put together this piece. I wanted to share it as it brightens my day and hopefully will brighten others’ as well.

If I could go to any time in my life with anyone- Right now, it would be my Aunt Dee and our trip to Put In Bay, a small island a short ferry ride away from the mainland Marblehead, Ohio.

A Beautiful summer day no doubt. Blue skies kissing white capped waves. It always felt bright- as if nothing could cast a shadow on our adventure. My Dee, and me.

We ended up on a walk which looked much shorter on the bright tourist map highlighting the three streets of sights to see. Our jokes about being tired stopped when we became steeled in our determination to see the Aquatic Visitors Center, no matter how far away it was.  The Aquatic center turned out to be a small exhibit on local wildlife (which was minimal) and explaining the dynamics of fish hatcheries. The experience culminated in an activity station where you could do rubbings of fish skeletons to take with you. And thought I was much older than the target audience for that exhibit, I wedged into one of the tiny chairs and crafted one for my aunt with a note on it apologizing for the unwanted exercise.

I can’t remember if it was on the way there or back we stopped at an ice cream stand to get a treat (at this leg of the journey we were famished). We were both excited to get our treats, me especially as it was the shape of snoopy (I think). I remember unwrapping the popcicle like it was a Christmas present, tearing it open with no regards to the design of the packaging. As I was about to dig into the frozen deliciousness, it slipped from my grasp and crashed onto the pebbled pathway. While I tried to rescue it, brushing off the dirt and leaves- we both laughed until we cried at the ridiculousness of the entire scene.

I miss walking with my Aunt, breathing in the fresh lake air- trees’ shade dancing on our sun-kissed faces as walked beneath vibrant green leaves. The calm of being in such a small town environment settled over us. I wish us this joy and laughter. I wish us the humor as we had it when wearing children’s sunglasses shaped like flowers. Too small for my head, brown lenses that flipped up to reveal clear (an unnecessary feature because who keeps sunglasses on inside?) Neon flower frames, one level of dorkiness too far.

I wish us the peace we shared, traveling together across land and sea in search of entertainment. What I came back with was much more than our photo strip and novelty souvenirs. It was this felt memory of my Aunt and I, run away from the real world, breathing in live and love.



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