Posted by: Tina M | 31 October , 2011

Happy Hollow- ween.


What can I say, this holiday season I find myself a bit disappointed. The season usually springs up on me and I realize the evening of Halloween that I was supposed to have planned an outfit and an outing before then. So this year I thought ahead. . . but thought didn’t necessarily turn to action and here I am home alone watching “Halloween” which is at least a pleasant background ambiance.

I went to a party and wore my kitty kat outfit and ended up being 1 of 3 people who dressed up. There advertised a costume contest! I left before the awards were given out, but heard from some friends that I would’ve won.

I dressed up today for work (mostly because co-workers had mentioned it) and when I showed up I was the only person in the office that dressed up and I believe the only person in the building. Again I wore the cat outfit (ears, tail, and bow) and kept getting asked “Are you Minnie Mouse?” Anyway, I kept my chin up and my costume on the entire day, acting as though it were completely natural to each new person I interviewed for the program. LOL.

I have been watching some scary stuff – I rented Quarantine 2, a graphic bio-terror tale of a flight gone wrong as passengers become infected and turn into zombies (but at least they can die since they’re technically “living zombies” ). Bio-Terrorism is a little too real for comfort, not that I am narcissistic  enough to think I’d be worthwhile to target, I do understand the laws of bad luck that dictate if shit can happen, it will. I also got into the series “Lost Tapes” these stories are “inspired by the possibility that creatures exist that have not been recognized by science” I did get to watch Lost Boys with my boo and that was delightful, as I’ve never found a time that I didn’t want to watch that movie.

But what really scares me this season? Maybe it’s the 7 billion people that surround me on this planet, the political turmoil in Oakland and abroad, or the economic crunch that I’m personally feeling. It could be that it’s already November. and soon it will be 2012, my 27th birthday, another year in the steadily speeding chapters of my life. Maybe that’s why I want to escape into the primal responses to a spooky haunted house and the immediate release of stress and realization that everything will be ok.

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