Posted by: Tina M | 5 July , 2012

Peace of Mind Painting

I was inspired for my latest painting by a recent visit to my favorite walking spot, the Berkeley pier.  Day or night, it’s always a place that I can find peace and comfort. I realized the other night, as I pressed my face between the planks boarding up the end of the pier, that I could get lost in the hypnotic patterns of the waves. I always find myself standing there- leaning out as far as I can over the water, dreaming as if I’m floating on the surface of the waves. And my favorite part is the decaying remains of the other 2/3 of the pier that extended out into the water 3 miles before collapsing. There’s something dreamlike about it’s bony carcass.


So the other night, it was gorgeous out. Well lit from a bright big moon, yet foggy on the surface of the water to the extent that the city was obscured by clouds. It added to the illusion of an endless body of water that you could drift in for weeks.

So here is the painting:


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