Posted by: Tina M | 24 July , 2012

Space and Time: Reality Checks

I found myself at a two day training in Sacramento at the beginning of this week and while it’s not THAT far from my home, it’s cheaper to stay the night then pay for all that gas. So I had the opportunity to get away and be to myself, something I feel doesn’t often happen. I was sans husband and while I was with co-workers at a work event I felt free from a lot of pressure about representing or taking care of the people around me.  It was a brief breath of fresh air but there were some themes that emerged in my time with myself.

1.  I am feeling RESTLESS. Something needs to change, because it feels like my wheels are just spinning. Part of it is that I haven’t quit picked my destination so it’s hard to track progress, and the frustration of trying to choose keeps me waiting, for what, I’m not sure.

2.  I miss my family.  I’ve been having severe bouts of nostalgia taking me back to all sorts of strange childhood moments I thought I’d forgotten. Out of sight out of mind – in a sense, but they are never out of my heart. I’m constantly aching for the safety and security inherent in the presence of my family members.

3. Work isn’t working. There are some issues that are haunting me- and while I’m actively working to adjust/make changes already; I feel a certain urgency about it now. It’s so easy to get swept up in the day to day responsibilities and not check in on with the bigger picture of both my life and the work that I’m attempting to do.

I know that each of the above topics is food for much thought, but having just returned home I needed to brain dump.


  1. Glad u had time 2 think, sweetie. I may sound like a broken record, but u r spending time w/God, right? As 4 the waiting, “patience is a virtue” ur Granny always told me, & the hardest virtue to achieve! But she was right- so hang in there & let God & time-along w/ur continued hard work, of course- bring u the answers u r looking for!

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