The Golden Ticket that brought this about-

The short story behind this website is that I won a free computer in a contest and it gave me the hope and resources to finally put my art/vision/voice out into the world and take it seriously.

The longer version of the story goes like this. . .

Through chance and circumstance I found myself holding the position of Media Arts Coordinator for the organization I work for. I’ve always loved art, movies, and literature and have always seen the world as one big D0-It-Yourself project.  This came in handy because I was suddenly responsible for knowing how to make digital stories- and how to teach that to others. Needless to say I’ve been lucky enough to get some training and exposure to technical resources that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Part 2 of the story begins when I saw an ad on YouTube that advertised a video contest with up to $300,000 in prizes (or something like that). I clicked on the link and was intrigued about the premise. Tell about yourself in one minute or less without showing your face.

I watched a few of the submissions and realized they were all artsy types, talking about why they love to create and what hobbies they have- and while they were all sweet and well made, I thought they were lacking in critical engagement with the audience. I thought, “If I have 1 minute of someone’s time, I’m going to make sure to try to say something important.” What that meant really, was that I was going to get on a soap box and try to raise consciousness about SOMETHING. So I decided to get resourceful, use imovie, my camera, some home made drawings and put together a video. This is what resulted:

While I was completely proud of the video and think that I put a lot of effort into it, I think the fact that I won is due mostly to the love and support of family and friends that passed it on and had people vote.

But whatever the reason, I won! I never thought that it would actually happen (I’ve never known anyone to win anything like this- ) but here it was, blessing in the mail.

The not so romantic announcement of my achievement!

My "Artist Edition" HP Laptop

I wear the somewhat unfitting design as a badge of honor!

So, in thanks to the universe, I’ve decided that it’s my responsibility to myself and those that love and support me to really make an effort to reach some of my more grandiose dreams. So here we are-

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