Tina M Paintings

I started painting when I was in high school but I never took it seriously. I’m not sure if I do even now, but I do know that it provides such relaxation, such revitalization, that I can’t imagine stopping. It started with a painting for a friend, and now I’m moving from person to person creating paintings that I think my friends and families will enjoy.

A Peacock Horse for my friend Cassie

A flying pig for my friend Chelsea

A combination of the Emerald City and Antioch College for my friend Danny

A gift for my friend including a saying that reminds us of Antioch.



  1. Such delight and beautiful colors! It’s obvious you’re enjoying the process, which is the only thing that matters (oh, and eating).

  2. I just LOVE the self portrait!!!!

    • Thanks Lori! Once the holidays are over I’m going to start working on your paintings. I feel like once I get through making one for everyone I know and love I’ll be ready to try to sell them for real.

      Miss you!

  3. I love these! The last, of the dog, captures dog spirit. Wow.

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